Christmas Turkeys & Geese

Turkey & Goose order form 2020

After many years of raising our own turkey flock, we have realised that it is uneconomic to produce quality birds on such a small scale and gain a decent return. So we have decided to source oven ready fresh turkeys and geese from our colleagues at Peachcroft Farm, near Abingdon. We have sold their geese for some years now, with rave reviews, and have ourselves eaten their free range bronze turkeys.

At Peach Croft Farm in rural Oxfordshire, the Homewood family has been rearing award-winning Christmas turkeys and Christmas geese for eighty years.

They take pride in their traditional rearing methods where the welfare of the turkeys and geese is paramount. Small flocks of birds are free to roam in the grassy paddocks and fields surrounding the farm.

They buy the same breed etc of birds from the same hatchery as we did, buy their feed from the same mill as we did, and Peachcroft used to kill and prepare our birds for us. The end result is that their birds are identical to ours.

We will be offering the following from Peachcroft Farm this year:

Peach Croft Farm’s award-winning traditionally reared turkeys are grown naturally and slowly to full maturity. They are free to roam in grassy paddocks and fields around the farm, enjoying a completely natural diet of cereals and vegetable protein.

This is an easy carving joint containing only the most succulent breast and wing meat on the bone.

This boneless rolled turkey joint includes the dark succulent thigh and leg meat as well as white breast meat. Conveniently tied with string and easy to cook and carve.

Why not spoil your family this Christmas by presenting them with a traditional festive meal of succulent roast goose. All Peach Croft Farm Geese are free range, enjoying and benefiting from grazing in their grassy paddocks. They grow slowly to full maturity, are fed only on a natural diet.

Why not try something entirely different at Christmas and sample Peach Croft Farm’s unique Royal Roast?
This Royal Roast contains only the very best free range goose, chicken and wild pheasant, which has been boned and rolled, with a delicious orange and cranberry stuffing, to form a succulent and easy carving joint.
The Royal Roast is ideal for a special dinner party or family celebration and is delicious hot or cold.

We will send a further email out within a week with ordering details and an order form. Collection will still be from here at the farm, and on the weekend of 22/23 December. Birds are boxed in a strong carry home box, with full cooking instructions and fresh herbs.

We hope that you trust us to provide you with a top quality centrepiece for your festive meal.


Feedback from our customers…

“Just wanted to say thanks for a really super tasting turkey crown loads of moist meat, and the sausages were highly rated by the grandchildren” (SH)

“Thank you, our turkey was, as in previous years, absolutely delicious”  S & JH)

“Thank you so much for a wonderful turkey.  We deep fried the bird as intended and it was enjoyed by all. We are really glad that we bought one for Easter as well !!

Please keep us on your mailing list as we will be wanting at least one more next year  (CW)

“Just a quick note to say that our turkeys were wonderful.”  (BH)

“I must say possibly the best turkey we’ve had!  Absolutely succulent and delicious – a real treat!”  (SA)

“Turkey was amazing…thanks!!”  (VB)

“I am so glad that we discovered you and your turkeys – it was so moist, tasty, and totally delicious!  Cant wait until next year!! (AM)

“Its great to find an ethical small scale farmer who cares so much about what they are producing.  We cant wait to try some other produce in 2015”  (BH)

“Simply AMAZING”  (RJ)