Welcome to Our Site!

Welcome to Jones’ Country Fayre. We are Niall and Rachel and we run a smallholding near Swindon, Wiltshire.

We specialise in rearing traditional British breeds of pigs, sheep, poultry and cattle in ultra high welfare conditions – and it shows in the texture and flavour of the finished product.  We farm in a very low intensity environment, and in harmony with our wonderful wildlife – diverse hedges and copses encourage numerous bird species, wild flower meadows encourage insect activity, and wildlife ponds support amphibian residents.

This site will keep you informed of what produce we have for sale, it will chart our progress as we aim to live the Good Life and, hopefully, offer encouragement and advice to people who, like us, are seeking to become more self sufficient.

On our site you will find:

  • For Sale – all our produce, including meat and eggs, and products that we sell on behalf of local friends and craftspeople
  • Information about our animals – what we breed, rear, eat and keep as pets
  • Other local producers and services – see who in the area can supply you with other produce such as logs, kindling, Christmas trees, commissioned paintings, etc

If you would like to be added to our mailing list to receive regular emails regarding what we have to offer, what is happening, and much more, please do so via the Contact Us page.

We love to receive feedback on our site and correspondence from anyone interested in smallholdings. Please do contact us with any questions, comments or experiences. Everything we write here is based on our own experiences, but we can always learn more.